About Us

Galley Tables Storytelling was founded in 2013 by Astrid Rose, Thandeka Carros and Brianna Gibbs. The trio of local women were inspired by similar events around the state, including Mudrooms in Juneau and Arctic Entries in Anchorage.

Our first Galley Tables Event!!!
Our first Galley Tables Event!!!

The Galley Tables family has grown well beyond its founding three and now includes almost a dozen dedicated community members.

Astrid Rose // 

Sara Loewen // Director

Pam Foreman // Technical Director

Ellamy Tiller // Music Coordinator

                             // Rehearsal Coordinator

                                                                         // Audio Technicians

Mary Beth Loewen // Event Support

Kinsey Allen // Event Support

If you have a question about a particular aspect of Galley Tables, or would like to contact a specific member of our organization, please include their name in the subject line when you email galleytables@gmail.com.