What to Expect

Confirmation E-mail

If you’ve signed up or agreed to tell a story in a Galley Tables event you will receive a confirmation email:

  • It will remind you of the event date and time
  • Remind you of the theme
  • Let you know about our rehearsal
  • Ask you if you have a preference in the order that you would like to tell  your story
  • Let you know that we will record the stories and post the audio on the website and that it will air on the local radio station
  • Give you storytelling tips
  • Ask for a short autobiography



The reason we will need your autobiography is that you will be introduced to the audience. A brief (3-4 sentence) autobiography may include the following:

  • Where you were born and/or raised
  • What brought you to Kodiak and when
  • What you have done and/or are currently doing for work
  • If you have a family and/or if you have children that you’d like to mention
  • Your hobbies
  • Any wacky and bizarre details in addition to or in lieu of basic details.

Final E-mail

A week before the event you will receive one more email:

  • It will remind people who have not submitted their autobiography to do so
  • Remind you of rehearsal on the Wednesday before the show
  • Remind you of event details
  • Encourage you to rehearse

Although rehearsal is not mandatory, we encourage everyone to come if they have no other prior obligations. It is an opportunity for you to get on the stage and say your story out loud in front of a small audience. This helps you to get comfortable with being on the stage and it also gives you a chance to tweak your story before show night if you feel it is necessary. We make ourselves available at rehearsal to offer public speaking tips and give individual feedback to all storytellers.

Galley Tables Live
Please arrive early to get familiar with the space.

The hosts for the evening will welcome the crowd and explain what the event is all about, the format, and the evening’s theme.  When it’s your turn, the hosts will read your autobiography that you submitted and welcome you to the stage. The hosts have noise makers that are used to indicate when you have hit the 5 minute mark and again at the 7 minute mark. There will be four storytellers in the first half and three in the second half with a brief intermission in between. After the event, pictures and audio will be posted on this website.


Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Great!
Please know that people are excited to hear your story, they want to hear stories from their peers and are very accepting and encouraging. They don’t expect a perfected theatrical performance. Like us, they want to connect to you whether you are perfect or not!

We really appreciate your willingness to be a part of this and telling your story!

Please email us at galleytables@gmail.com if you have any remaining questions or concerns.